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Tutorials Index >Cameo Creating!

writen by tibmaker

REQUIRES - .BIG Extractor, and a text editor (Notepad), PSP or Adobe Photo Editor

Here is a tut that most people do not know how to do but it is easy once you know how. This will tell you how to create a cameo that works. First you need to know the size of what you are going to create. Generals is a standard 62 by 50 for the little cameos and 122 by 98 for the big ones. Now make your own cameo those sizes (2 different files here). You can do your own bevel feature if you want but it doesn't matter. Once you have created them save them as .tga files and place them in a new directory your going to called Textures which you also place in a new directory called Art that you place in your Generals directory (EA GAMES/Command and Conquer Generals/Art/Textures/). Now once you have done that it is time to get your BIG Extractor out. Now open INI.big and extract the file SAUserInterface512.ini into a directory called TextureSize_512 which should be in EA GAMES/Command and Conquer Generals/Data/INI/Mapped Images/. Now open up your extracted INI file and just add a few simple lines like this:

MappedImage SSNAME_L
Texture = .tga
TextureWidth = 122
TextureHeight = 98
Coords = Left:1 Top:1 Right:122 Bottom:98
Status = NONE
MappedImage SSNAME
Texture = .tga
TextureWidth = 62
TextureHeight = 50
Coords = Left:1 Top:1 Right:62 Bottom:50
Status = NONE
You must replace the TGA Names with the ones you saved. And the Icon Name with whatever you want (Just remember it). After that if done successfully you should make your icon visible by editing the icon codes in your Commandbuttons.ini, FactionUnits.ini or any other Science, Unit, Structure, Upgrade you want to have your cameo with. I will not go into detail about this so your on your own but use your icon names when editing to make a link between icons and ini files.

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