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Adding team colors to infantry.

By: Opals25
Original tutorial by Old Man Funk with pointer by Lee

Notes: The tutorial will start from a finished skin, and believes that you have already colored the areas you want to display with team colors a default red. The unit skin displayed is by me and or my use only. Please if you wish to use it, contact me first.

Step 1) Click the Channels tab.

Step 2) Use the marquee tool to select the areas you want to be displayed with team colors. (Previously colored red)

Step 3) Click save selection as channel to make a new “layer,” or alpha channel.

Step 4) Double click on the alpha channel to load up an options menu, click the selected areas tab, and then double click the color box.

Step 5) Change the color in the color selection box that comes up to black.

Step 6) Click ok and the image should look something like this. Click the layers tab and any layer in there to go back to the standard view, then save.

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