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Creating Transparency with RenX

By: Mastermind2004
This is a pretty simple tutorial on creating transparent effects with a skin for Generals. (Note: W3D viewer doesn't appear to support alpha transparencies, so it may appear to be incorrect in W3D viewer, but it may still work in Generals. You just have to try it.)

Step 1:
Since I'm nowhere near an expert at skinning, I'll leave the business of making and skinning the model up to you. I used some of the scaffolding from EA buildups to create my model, then I had to modify the materials to create the transparencies. Once you have a model with a skin (with black as the color you want transparent), you need to start the tutorial. The first step is to enter the Renegade Material Editor by pressing 'm'.
Step 2:
Now that you are in the editor, if you applied your skin with the Gmax material navigator, you'll need to turn it into a Renegade skin, do this by selecting your object or objects, and clicking this button:

Step 3:
Now that you have your Renegade Material, you need to start changing the settings. First go to the Pass 1 tab:

Now you need to start changing the settings.
Step 4:
Set the first tab, Vertex Materials to match this screenshot:

Step 5:
Set the second tab, Shader to match this screenshot:

Step 6:
The third tab, Textures, should be left to the defaults, but if you've changed them, here is what works for me:

Step 7:
Now that you have the model skinned, and the transparency set, you can export your W3D, and try it out in the game.

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